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TA- Sotomura Akane by Live-forget TA- Sotomura Akane by Live-forget
Application for :icontachikawa-high:
YAY I GOT IN!!! and deeerrrppp she's actually Sacchi's cousin from Sacchi's mother's side XD Gomen for lazy colouring for chibi ;w;

Name: Sotomura Akane(oops i wrote it backwards on the app;; ))
Nickname: None ATM
Gender: FEMALE
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 18 (turning 18 to be precise)
Grade: Third (A SENPAI~)

Dormitory: Sakuramachi

•Cooking and cleaning
•Her family (she will kill you if you talk bad about them ;; )
•Clean and oriented places
•Obedient kouhais 
•Hard working people
•People with a passion for something
•Shoujo manga//SHOT (shhhh no one knows)
•Lolis and shotas (HER WEAKNESSSSSSS)

•Bratty/Whiney/Spoilt people
• Expensive things (SHE'S CHEAP DERP)
•Catching colds
•A dirty environment or unfinished work(OCD)
•Lazy people
•Picky people
•Being judge for being poor (lol she got into Tachikawa through a scholarship ;;; )
•Strangers touching her in anyway
•Crying infront of someone
•Being weak infront of someone

At first, Akane would seem like a cold person from appearance though that is not the case, she is only putting up an image but the truth is she is a like a mother bear for people who are close to her.
If someone comes across as rude or arrogant then straight away she would be very negative to the person but if they come off as a nice and kind person then she would be nice back, it really depends on first impressions, if you are nice to her, she will be nice to you, vice-versa as well.
All in all, if you are a great friend, then she would be very friendly and open to you, if you ever need help, she'll be there to kick any bullies ass for you.
She would cringe alot when it comes to people trying to flirt with her but would hit you with her bamboo sword if you insult her family, being violent and barbaric is also what she is known for.
She can also be like a very doting and sweet if the person is a good and obedient person and but she is not afraid to scold people or hit someone for being bratty, she despises selfish people which can make her hypocritical at times. She gets sad when she sees people embarrassed about their parents for loving them since she envies that they still have parents, she finds it strange that people who still do have their family pushes them away, family is still family and nothing can replace them.
Because she was originally from a poor family, she would become very serious when it comes to money and would never buy anything very expensive, she would work hard to earn her place in a sports scholarship. Even though she is a freakin worry-wart, she would know how to have fun as well, she loves a good competition or rivalry.
At times she would need to have a moment by herself to have a time to cry, sometimes having a panic attack when she is over stressed or is too tired from the mixed to training, studies and looking after her siblings.A surprising fact is that she would do a 360 turn when it comes to small innocent children or people who acts like a child, she would dote on them and love them to death with hugs, sometimes being mistaken as a pedophile or a lolicon/shotacon.//SHOT

Akane was born in a large family of a mother and seven siblings, her being the oldest of the seven. Originally, her family was not the richest, her father owned a small yet well known Dojo that taught kendo while her mother stayed home to look after the kids, even as a child she would visit the kendo and learn it, just like her father, she loved the sport and had a passion for it. Even though they weren't rich, it was still such a happy family,living a decent in kindergarten and elementary but in middle school, her father had died in a car accident. Leaving only her mother to care for the children, her mother knew just how much the dojo meant to her father so she worked day at different jobs and night to keep the place standing, it had torn the family apart with her mother never being home anymore and naturally, she had to be the one to care for her siblings, though she was not the best at it, she managed one way or another. 
On one fatal day in her middle school life, her mother died from over working herself and now she and her siblings were been taken in by her aunty, her aunty who's husband a very rich man, a man who owned a grand pharmaceutical company. Now this took care all of their money problems but not their family problems. The children were all still mourning over their mother's death, Akane had decided to become their mother figure and to look out for them, but as this was happening while piled with her studies and kendo training, she started developing depression and panic attacks which just ended up with her either bawling her eyes out or her collapsing. Her brother had seen this and had also joined her idea and wanted to help as well, not wanting her sister to over work herself like his mother did. Gradually it came together, she worked it out with her oldest brother that they would take turns cooking and cleaning so that she could have time for kendo and have time for studying.
When it was her third year of middle school, she had to search around for a high school to aim to go into, that's when she found out about Tachikawa, a school of the elites, a school that exceeded in Arts, studies and sports. It was perfect. She had then continued to work hard to enter the school, aiming for a sports scholarship with her kendo skills that she was so proud of, if she could get in with a scholarship, her aunty wouldn't need to spend so much money on her and it would bring a good name to her Sotomura name.
With enough work, she had finally gotten in the school, now awaited her a new territory to learn and experience new things.

Additional Info:
•The oldest of seven children
•Is only in Tachikawa High school from a sports[Kendo] scholarship 
•She is half british (from her mom's side)
•Is ranked 2st in the regional tournament in Kendo
•Can't ride a bike OTLLLL
•her bed time is 9pm and she wakes up at 5am to do exercise and make her lunch 
•Does not buy cafeteria food 
•Freakin loves kids
•In the weekends she would go back to the house to check on her siblings
•Is a decent cook
•Her neck is her weakness//SHOT
•Carries a small first aid kit around in her bag which was given to her by her uncle-in-law
•Carries her sword everywhere
•Has a OCD for messy things :'D
•At times like to play other sports as well
•Is a big eater since she uses alot of energy
•Is forced to wear a kimono in the house[mansion] she lives in since it's part of the 'Koizotori way' (Akane: *FLIPS THE TABLE* GODDAMMIT)
•Is thinking of having a part time job

"Don't drag me into your whiney little problems!!"
"Don't be picky!!"
"Oh you think so? Then bring it on!"
"A-Are you okay?! Does the booboo hurt??"//SHOT

Kyouya Sotomura [Father-42/Deceased] "I miss my father, I know everyone else does as well but I need to be strong, for the family... He was a good father, he was always so kind and he had a passion for Kendo, I admired him for his skills, I wish I could have learnt more from him... Father, why did you have to die and leave us here ....." 
Alice Sulivan [Mother,39] "My mother works hard for me and my brothers and sisters, I can't let it all be for nothing, I'll make mother proud of me by being successful so we can all live a better life and not have to rely on my aunty's wealth"
Kaoru [Brother,17] "My younger brother as well as the eldest son in the family, he too is working very hard for the family as well, he goes to another highschool though he too has a scholarship but for studies, not sport, he is very knowledgable and I am very proud of him"
Maria[Sister,16] "Oh the royal bitch, we might be blood related but I won't accept her as my sister, she is spoilt, rude and selfish, all the traits I hate about a person, she expects people to like her just because she is kind of cute, just how did grandmother and grandfather raise her?!"
Hikaru [Brother,10] "The oldest of the triplets, he acts very mature for his age at times but he is still a child and would act very stubborn when he doesn't get what he wants. He looks out for Hikari and Akira which is very sweet of him"
Hikari[Sister,10] "The middle child of the triplets, she acts very mischievous but can be very friendly, she teases Hikaru and Akira at times but cherishes them alot, at times she would say that she wants to help me clean which is nice of her"
Hinata[brother,10] "The youngest of the triplets and the most naive, he gets tricked by Hikari a lot and would cry afterwards. I worry about how he would be like when he grows...."
Momo [Sister,8] "The youngest child in the Sotomura family, she's very cute and nice. She's very helpful around the house, sometimes she would help me make food for the family"

Maomi[Aunty] "My mother's older sister, She has been quiet nice for letting us live in such a nice place but I would feel like I would be taking advantage of her if I get accustomed to it..."
Sacchi[Cousin] "She is my cousin and she's the same age as my sister, Haruhi. I have grown accustomed to her unusual smile so I know how she actually acts, she is very kind hearted, I wish more people were like her, she's very polite!"
Shintaro Ryuuta[Kouhai] "Awwwww~ Well isn't he such a cute boy~ He might look mean but he's so polite!~ Just like Sach! He is one of the most adorable little boys I have met other then my cute little brothers and cousin!"
Kisaragi Takahiro[Kouhai/herson//shot] "He's a really nice fella as well but he looks so scrawny... Makes me worry, and he needs to take care of his appearance too! The first time I met him, he was covered in scraps and cuts! Argghhh!!!! MUST FEED!! MUST CLEAN UP!!"
Onodera Kaede [Stranger-hateshim//SHOT] "..... Don't even talk about him, god dammit, I try to help him and all I get is attitude, urgh, I shouldn't even bother helping out random strangers that are laying on the ground randomly anymore!" *Tableflips but then picks it up again due to OCD*

If you want to RP with me, I either do notes,comments,google docs or skype 'w'
P-PLEASE RP WITH ME, i love rping ;w;

Please do not copy or trace if you do and I find out, I will report you >8U
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MangoStickyRice Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Live-forget Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Akane: Nope *answers up front but raises an eyebrow at his grinning* It's not the word I'm usually used to being labelled as (tho I like calling others cute....) 
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Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 

Akane: Well why do you want to know, boy? (I have no idea actually....)
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