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Ikehara High App- Maria Sulivan [REVAMPED 2] by Live-forget Ikehara High App- Maria Sulivan [REVAMPED 2] by Live-forget


Maria Sulivan




 November 14th






Gardening club


145cm/ 4'7.9''


 38kg/ 85lbs (lol like as a feather~)


None atm

Sexual Preference: 



As sweet and angelic she looks, she’s not :'D


She might act very humble but on the inside, she knows she's adorable and will use it to her advantage 


If you do find out what she is really like, AKA the pervertness or the talking, you will also find out that she is fairly mean, bitchy and rude, she also swears alot and is arrogant as well as spoilt, just like a selfish brat


She's a pretty good at acting cute, innocent, and weak especially when she's about to get in trouble ;;;;


Ever since she was a child, she was able to make anyone do her bidding by just acting cute. She acts frail and weak so that others would feel sorry for her and do the heavy jobs for her.


When no one is around, she would head to the roof and use her binoculars to watch the sports team's male members, especially the swim team and their abs//SHOT And at the gardening club, because it was one of the only clubs that was somewhat leisurely and was outside, she used it as an advantage to stare at the sports teams. Once a guy finds out what she is really like, she would stick close to them and would grope their ass once in awhile//BRICKED.


Since she was a child she had been told that she would be cuter if she doesn't talk because what ever she said never matched her appearance so she just pretends that her voice box is very weak and that's why she can't talk. The way she communicates is with body gestures and facial expressions, if those two options aren't good then she would use a notebook and pen though if you somehow find out that she can talk, she'll start talking only around you


Even though she doesn't look like it, she is fairly observant, especially with the male body//SHOT


Even though she is very narcissistic to her outward appearance, she is very insecure about her saying anything to someone since when she was young, everyone said that she was weird and the things she said didn't match her cute appearance so now she is afraid of saying anything to anyone since she doesn't want to be judged once again

People pleaser-

She doesn't like having people hating on her or being troublesome to be around so she tries her best to not make any enemies as best as she can, she would also always have a smile on her face 


Maria was born from a Japanese father and a British mother, even though she is only 1/2 british, the british genes were much stronger, making her look completely European. Sadly for her, she was taken away from her parents to England before turning 3 by her grandparents on her mother's side due to some complications that were happening between her parents and her grandparents. When she was a kid, she wondered:

"Did mom and dad abandoned me? Was... I unwanted?" She started feeling like this more and more, pondering to herself, was she that bad of a child to be taken away like that? She didn't want the same thing happen to her and her grandparents so she tried being a good little girl so she wouldn't be cased aside again, she had a very close bond with her grandparents.

When she was in elementary school, she always said things that didn't match her dollish appearance, the teachers and staff started talking amongst themselves about things such as:

"She looks so cute, like a doll but she says such weird things"

"As long as she doesn't talk then she's cute"

"She's cuter when she doesn't talk, like a doll"

"If only she would be quiet, just like a doll, then she would be perfect"

One day, she had over heard them talking, did everyone think that of her? Did her grandparents think of her like that? That's when she started to feel insecure about it and stopped talking all together, becoming the obedient doll that everyone wished for, the one that just shut up and smiled for everyone, with this, she easily became popular with just her cute porcelain doll-like appearance though because of this, she never made a real friend, the people around her weren't people who she could talk earnestly with, inside, she felt alone, but it didn't matter, did it? As long as she didn't cause any trouble, no one would abandon her again, right?

In her middle school days, even though she still looked like a small child, she had matured mentally and was somewhat boy crazy and it had turned into an obsession over beautiful men but still, she kept it a secret from everyone with her mask of a smile. 

In her 2nd year of middle school, her parents had died, she had received the news a few days after but for some reason, she didn't feel sad. Why didn't she feel sad? It was her own parents that had died but yet, she didn't feel any sadness for them, was it because she had never seen them for all those years? She didn't know why but still, she smiled. 

Her grandparents knew about her not making any 'real friends' and the fact that she was still smiling like nothing was happening, hurt them even more, especially with the fact that her face looked just like their beloved daughter's, her mother's.

They couldn't stand seeing her face anymore with the fake smile on her face, slowly, they were starting to distance themselves even more from her, which just made her even more lonely.

When she was in her third year of middle school, her grandparents finally decided to send her to her aunty's mansion, their oldest daughter, back in Japan and to attend Ikehara so that she could no longer depend on them to comfort her loneliness and so she could make some proper friends that she can express herself to as well as the fact that they couldn't stand seeing her face, even though she didn't want to go, even though she wanted to stay with her grandparents, they still send her off. 

"...Was I abandoned again? Am I unwanted? But.... I thought I was being a good girl..." 

She didn't know what to do, she didn't know how she should act anymore, should she just continue with her role of a doll? Or... Should she try talking to people again? No... She couldn't.. If she did, they people would talk behind her back again, she didn't want that so for now, she will continue with her performance with the roll of a doll, the one that most people loved. 


• To be loved by all//slapped




•Spying on hot guys with her binoculars//SHOT

•People doing her bidding

•Tea and hot chocolate

•Yaoi//Anime//Manga (found out about this in her school holiday before entering Ikehara )

•Her grandparents

•Men//SHOTSHOTSHOTSHOT this hoe >_>

•Brushing her hair

•Summer (she can see men shirtless//Shot)



•Did I mention Coffee?

•Having her head petting (to her it would mean she is a good girl)

•To be praised


•Bitter food

•Being pushed aside or left behind

•Being talked about behind back

•Her hair being tangled

•People trying to blackmail her


•Girls in general (because girls are mostly known for gossip)



•Mornings (she hates waking up early :'D)



Additional Information:

• She has 6 other siblings but she was the only one taken away from her parents (will explain the complication in the near future ;;; ), she lives in the same mansion as them at the moment but on the other side and she doesn't talk to them, treats them as if they are strangers

• Has a pair of binoculars in her bag to spy on people

• Secretly likes singing when people aren't around

• Her phone has a file full of photos of men//SHOT

• Her main language is English but can read/write and understand Japanese

• Is addicted to coffee, that's why she's so short compared to everyone else in her family :'D

•Talks to herself when she thinks she's alone, is somewhat a mental problem for her since she doesn't talk to others, she feels like she can only talk to herself

•She exceeds in academics but sucks at all sports though uses that as an advantage to boost up her 'frail and weak' image

•Is a freakin himedere so watch out for her sassiness if you are close to her :'DDDDD

•She can't ride a bike OTLLLL

•She can't swim :'DD

•Is surprisingly a klutz when it comes to cleaning or cooking

•She favours Japanese men more then any other ;;~~



Kyouya Sotomura [Father-42/Deceased]//Alice Sulivan [Mother-39/Deceased] 

"I know nothing of them, sure they are the people who had given me life but I never met them since... They abandoned me first, was I that much of a trouble maker back then?" 

Akane [Sister,18] 

"Tch my elder sister, I hate her, even though we are siblings, we don't act like it, she slapped me on the face and even called me a bitch! How dare she?! I wish she would just die and burn in hell!"

Kaoru [Brother,17]

"My older brother, at least he's more tolerable then Akane, we can actually talk normally though I hate that he sides with Akane when ever I have a fight, just because I didn't grow up with them...."

Hikaru [Brother,10]//Hikari[Sister,10]//Hinata[brother,10] 

" The triplets.... I don't know what to say about them, I don't talk to them so yeah..."

Momo [Sister,8]

 " The youngest of us siblings, I suppose she's alright as well though I tend to avoid her since she asks alot of questions"


 "Ahh Aunty! She's nice to be around, she really spoils me so I like her! As long as I'm a good girl, I can have what ever I like!"


"Huh.... Aunty's daughter, so I guess she's my cousin, I thought she was going to kill me when she started smiling the first time we met but... She thought I was a robot because I looked that much like a doll, how naive is she... Well she's better then Akane that's for sure, I'm surprised that I'm older then her with how tall she is, she's a freakin tree!"

Antonio Sulivan [Grandfather-68]// Elizabeth Smith [Grandmother-66] 

"I love my Grandparents, unlike my parents, they actually took care of me, they are kind but... Why did they want to distance themselves from me? Did I do something wrong? Was I a bad girl? I don't want to be troublesome to them so I'll just do as they say from now and attend this school..."


Kurumi [Just met/Hates with a passion]

"I hate that bitch! Urgh! What the hell did I ever do to her?! I feel like I'm being cursed.... First Akane and now her, she's the type that I want to avoid, she calls me a fake, well sorry for not being able to treat people nicely naturally, I'm not perfect like the doll everyone expects of me..."

Sora [Just met/ first to reveal her true side]

"Huh.... I don't know what to say about him yet, we only just met but I he's a cute boy and he has such a cute face to go along with it, such a Uke but at the same time, not so uke....." Drools slightly 

"Our meeting was strange... First time my skirt was flashed by such a pretty boy...." Shurgs 

Makoto [Just met/ thinks he's weird] 

"Alien boy.....He is the strangest boy I have ever met.... But he did buy me yaoi which is pretty awesome but I'm really questioning his grades......."

Cow-Sensei [Teacher/ Scared of him]


Shiro [Just met/ Finds him to be amusing to watch]

"Ah blush boy! He get's so red from the smallest things! It's really adorable, if I had to guess, he would be an Uke...." Smiled with a little drool

If you want to RP with me, I either do notes,comments,google docs or skype 'w'

P-PLEASE RP WITH ME, i love rping ;w;

Please do not copy or trace if you do and I find out, I will report you >8U

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