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Doubutsu High App:: Juliet Garter by Live-forget Doubutsu High App:: Juliet Garter by Live-forget
Hngg thank you for the invite :iconrainikloud:!! This group seemed interesting!! Squee Bounce
App for :icondoubutsu-high:

Name: Garter, Juliet
Nationality: American
Age: 19
Birthday: August/ 24
Year: 3rd
Class: C
Club: Dance club (watch her body move~//SHOT)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 172cm/ 5'7
Weight: 56kg/ 123lbs
Animal: Snake
Specie: Reptile
Breed: Garter snake

•Teasing people
•All types of food
•Physical contact such as kisses, holding hands, hugs (it's comforting for her)
•Going out
•Interesting people
•Being entertained
•Playing around

•Being scolded
•Staying in one place
•Being restricted
•Her hair tangled
•Being by herself
•Falling in love
•Being at home
•Horror anything (she's really scared of anything related to horror :'DD)

 When it comes to getting a man she is interested in playing with, she isn't afraid to be or do what she pleases
[Flirty] No matter who you are or what status you hold, she will flirt with you the moment she meets you if you perk her interest from your appearance//shot
[Actress]Most times she would be acting, she wouldn't say what she thinks so people wouldn't know what's going on in that head of hers, she's great as acting like a whole other person
[Kind] As much as she makes people awkward, she is a nice person and is fairly generous to people she likes
[Sadistic] Even though she is usually a nice person, there are times when she loves to tease people, especially the ones which has a funny reaction
[Tidy] She can't help but have her room strangely clean, after all, a tidy house is a happy one, even though she wouldn't give a single damn about other's territory, if anyone were to mess her room then someone is going to die
[Envious] She might look like she has the life she wishes but the truth of the matter is that she is extremely envious of other's around her when they talk about their family since she is always alone
[Tsundere] Usually she can keep her composure and seem like she knows what she is doing but once she embarrasses herself then that's when she can't help but fluster like crazy and just hide in her hole and die on the inside, she is actually quite the tsundere when this happens

Juliet was born in north america, Southern California to be specific in a family of four; consisting of a father, mother and older brother. She believed she grew up in a loving family, Juliet grew loved and cared for. Her father was a simple salaryman and her mother was a house wife, her brother was five years older then her and always looked out for her it was a simple home and it was all she ever wanted.

From elementary school to middle school, she never really felt like she got along with the other kids, maybe it was because her family had people much older then her, she was always known to act much older then everyone else. She didn't exactly mind if she didn't make friends with her classmates since she got along with her teachers, she had always got along with adults. 

It was in her third year that her dream life had ended when her mother and father had died in a plan crash while going to Fiji for their wedding anniversary, leaving Juliet and her brother at home. It was a fairly traumatising time for her since she was always close to her parents and now that they were gone, she suddenly felt so lonely, at least she had her brother but he couldn't give her the comfort she yearned for to heal her lonely heart since he had to work and support the family which resulted in him never being home.

Her loneliness had caught attention from a certain teacher that had always pretended that he cared for her but in reality, he had always had an eye on her early matured body. He got close to her during her weakest time and had raped her, most girls would be traumatised but not her, it actually made her less lonely, she somewhat knew what he was after from the beginning but didn't stop him, instead, she accepted the assault from him. From then on, she started hanging out with other older men downtown.
She knew that it was wrong to do so and how much it would hurt her brother if he found out but, it was better then being alone in that empty house.

Her brother, not knowing the situation of her going out late at night but knowing she had difficulties with making friends in school had decided to enroll her into Doubutsu High since he had a friend that had recommended that it was a wonderful place as well as the fact that his job was transfered from America to Japan, well he knew that Japan was a nice place and so were the people there so he knew it would be well for them, even though he was rarely home, he still cared for his little sister and hopes that she makes some friends.

What is history I don't even... OTL

Additional information:
•Only around her brother would she dress more appropriately since she doesn't want him to know
•Knows 8 languages
•She has two moles under her left eye and three on her left collar bone
•When she sleeps she needs to have her body pillow or else she will cling onto someone 
•She works as an escort since she can have fun as well as earn money
•She feels awkward around kids :'DD
•Is terrified of anything 'supernatural' :'DD

Julie and Kevin [Parents]: 
"Mother... Father... I know what I am doing is wrong but please... don't hate me for it, I love them both truly but... I'm just so lonely without them...."

Tom [Brother-24]:
"He's a good brother, I know he has to work so that we can live a good life but can't he come home more often? I miss talking to him..."

Dorothy [Close friend]:
"..... He's annoying when he gets into my business yet fun to be around, it amazes me how much fun it is to piss him off or even hitting him" She laughs as she cracks her knuckles, he's the only one that can awaken her sadistic side(and tsundere side//shot)

Shin [Acquaintance]:
"He's a nice boy, it's cute how he thinks he can protect me, I wonder how he would react if he were to ever see my other self" She sighs then smiles sadly

Carly [Roommate]:
"Ah! My roommate! She's a good girl, she helped me get into our room when I fainted in front of the door, she also seems very intelligent so I do hope she will help me when exams come around" She said as she claps her hands together and smiles

Personal treats: 586
Club treats: 0
Class treats: 0

If you want to RP with me, I either do notes,comments,chatrooms, google docs or skype 'w'

P-PLEASE RP WITH ME, i love rping ;w;

RP Type:
Skype [Preferred- solo or group RP- lit]
Notes[Prefered- solo- lit]
Chatroom [Group-script]
Comments [Crack/non cannon rp- Solo script]
Google doc [Solo RP- lit]

Please do not copy or trace if you do and I find out, I will report you >8U
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